Computational Systems Biology

Computational Systems Biology is the practice of using computer simulations to study complicated biological processes such as the interaction of cells and their environment, the reactions of proteins inside cells, and the behaviour of atoms.

The Science

Understanding these processes open up a world of potential for scientists, which can lead to major breakthroughs in designing new medicines, discovering better treatments for disease, maybe even curing cancer, but overall, understanding the human body and health.

How it's used

We have developed a proprietary algorithm that enables us to measure key physiological metrics with a high degree of accuracy and, from this, build digital simulations of our physiological systems which gives people access to information that enables them to personally manage, optimise and troubleshoot their bodies.

How does it work?

We use a combination of two technologies which enable us to do continuously body / physiological monitoring and create bio-mathematical models. This allows us to generate a huge range of information and convert it into insights about your own personal health that you can use to make better choices around lifestyle, food, exercise, medication and almost anything that impacts your health.


Technology to collect relevant physiological data. Currently utilising a multi-wavelength optical sensor that can be integrated into almost any wearable device to monitor a range of key measures.

Multi-wavelength light allows the LENS to track a variety of processes that are occurring within your body all the time. And because it’s designed with superior movement compensation and sophisticated digital signal processing, it can measure key metrics with laboratory-level accuracy.

The Lens sensor module can be integrated into almost any wearable device, almost anywhere on the body.


This is where the magic happens. The raw data captured by the LENS is translated by advanced, biologically-orientated mathematical models into virtual simulations of your physiological systems.

The models we’ve created are designed to understand the interdependence of biochemical reactions within the body, accurately describing the dynamic behaviour of your physiology, and giving you personal, real-time insights into the inner workings your body.


LifeQ LINK is an open-access platform that enables our partners to take full advantage of LifeQ’s technology.

Whether you already have an app, or you’re designing a brand new one, you can integrate LifeQ to provide your users with an incredible level insight into their bodies and help them manage, improve and take full advantage of their health.

How can this be applied?

LifeQ’s platform builds digital simulations of what’s happening inside our bodies. This is how we can use it to improve our health:


Data that only used to be available to athletes supported by a full medical team is now at your fingertips. Get rid of the wires, step off the treadmill and start breathing fresh air, you only need one device. know when to push yourself, know when to take it slow, in real-time.


For the first time, you can measure both your calorie intake and your calorie burn rate simultaneously.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just stay healthy, you can now manage your nutrition better than ever before.


Easy access to essential medical metrics can improve the quality of your healthcare – and reduce its cost. Use them to improve diagnoses, manage a chronic condition, or even – tracked over time – predict the possibility of an impending medical crisis.


By combining insights about fitness, nutrition, medical needs and stress, you can finally take a fully-personalised, holistic approach to understanding your health.

We can now take care of ourselves better than ever before, for a longer, more balanced life.

Data-based Insights

The data generated by LifeQ’s platform will allow population-level analysis of health and physiology, enabling research that before now was impossible.

Add in the potential for monitoring clinical trials, and LifeQ could help create safer medicines and more effective treatments.

Sleep & Stress

Monitoring our physiology can help us understand and reduce stress, improving our emotional health and its impact on our lives.

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